Aow Leuk

Aow Leuk is a tranquil and idyllic bay located on South Eastern coast of Koh Tao.

This is a great spot for divers with a variety of different marine life, coral reefs and boulders under the water and beautiful peaceful and calm surroundings above.

The bay itself can be divided into two dives, Aow Leuk North and South - known as Hin Ngam. Both are relatively shallow with a max depth of 15m. In between there is a nice sandy bottom which makes the site perfect for training dives.

The site is covered with Staghorn, Brain corals, table corals and boulder corals inhabited with Christmas trees worms.

There are many giant clams and Indian cushion sea stars with the occasional intrusive crown of thorns.

For the macro minded scuba diver keep an eye out for Nudibranches. Anemone crabs can be spotted in their anemones, with pink anemone fish inquisitively poking their heads in and out.

The site sometimes resembles a fish nursery with Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips and cute yellow box fish using Aow Leuk as their crèche.

Schools of baby barracuda stay close to the corals for protection while their older cousin...the Yellowtail Barracuda school just off the reef.

Young Black tip reef sharks are sometimes seen swimming around in the shallows looking for food.

Blue Spotted Stingrays and Giant Groupers tuck themselves away around the boulders getting some rest and if you have a good eye, look out for the Scorpion Fish, a difficult fish to spot due to its feathery fins, colours and markings helping camouflage itself into the surrounding coral.

Just out on the sand, slightly away from Aow Leuk South is a small artificial reef called Suan Olan. The area resembles Buoyancy World in the way structures have been placed down.

The purpose of the site is to give an alternative site for marine life, whilst also providing for coral to grow away from the main dive site.

Some of the structures here are pretty cool including a replica of a Mini car which was actually designed by the Mini Company and donated to Koh Tao.


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