Hin Wong Pinnacle

Hin Wong Pinnacle is a great alternative for a deep dive on Koh Tao.

The site is located on the North East side of the Island and due to its location Hin Wong can have strong currents and unpredictable visibility, making it one of the more challenging dive sites on Koh Tao.

You can reach a depth of 40m on the eastern side while at the top of rock formation rises up to 10m.

Hin Wong is a special site due the beautiful corals that are found here. The site boasts a wide variety of colourful fan and whip corals spread out around the deeper depths. Striking purple soft tree corals protrude from the shallower rocks giving diver’s great photo opportunities. For the macro minded or Underwater Naturalists, Hin Wong is a great place to take a fun dive with some beautiful and brightly coloured nudibranches.

Chevron Barracuda are often seen schooling just off from the main site while their bigger cousins Great Barracuda sometimes group together around the site. Once back onto the rocks you can find a few small swim through to test out your buoyancy skills.

While swimming around the rocks you can see unique razorfish, a funny looking fish as they swim vertically through the water.

Scribble filefish are around feeding on small crustaceans and algae that are on the rock face and the odd looking unicorn fish darting around.

Before ascending up for your safety stop you can commonly see the resident Hawksbill Turtle that has made this site her home.

She can often be seen grabbing breakfast on morning dives and if you keep your distance she will continue eating away undisturbed.

What a fantastic way to end a dive before heading up the buoy line at one of Koh Tao’s most beautiful sites.

Hin Wong Pinnacle is a site recommended for advanced divers and is often used for the Deep Adventure training dive.


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