Laem Thian

Laem Thian is known for its many swim throughs and caves and its location, on the less developed eastern side of Koh Tao makes for a great boat ride and photo opportunities.

Not a regular dive site for many on Koh Tao, this hidden gem makes for a peaceful dive of exploring and discovery as you weave your way up, down and around the rock formations.

Visibility is generally good year round, ranging from 10-20m depending on weather conditions.

The site can actually be divided up into 2 sections Laem Thian Bay and Laem Thian caves.

The bay offers an easier dive for the less experienced with depth here 14m-5m, the shallower rocks are covered in hard corals which have attracted lots of marine life.

The beautiful and unique orange spine unicorn fish dart around while big schools of Weibels butterflyfish congregate to provide stunning scenes.

In Laem Thian Bay you are likely to come across white eyed moray eels popping their heads out of the cracks hoping for a meal.

While for scuba divers with a keen eye for macro, many varieties of nudibranches and sea slugs can be viewed crawling (very slowly) around the rocks.

For the more experienced diver, just around the corner from the bay is Laem Thian caves.

Here depth ranges from 35m for those that are Deep speciality divers, up to a shallow 5m, making for a perfect safety stop. The main caves are above 20 metres depth, and giving an exciting dive, as you move further in, up, down and then back out.

Beams of light stream through the overlapping, and overhanging boulders creating a surreal visual experience.

These caves also provide a great test for your buoyancy skills as well as your finning and general abilities to manoeuvre yourself underwater.

In amongst these caves you will most probably bump into giant groupers that are resting inside for protection as well as a few Harlequin Sweelips.

As with several of Koh Tao’s dive sites, Laem Thian has a resident Titan Triggerfish too.

Yellowtail Barracuda school around the shallower depths where the rocks have been given a cover of soft corals.

If you are lucky this is one of the only sites on Koh Tao in which bumphead Parrot fish can be sighted along with the odd group of razorfish.


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