Lighthouse Bay

Lighthouse Bay is located on the North Eastern tip of Koh Tao and is named after the small lighthouse which sits proudly on top of the bays cliffs.

This site offers an excellent alternative for a shallow water dive. The maximum depth is around 14 metres making it a great place for snorkelling too.

The bay itself boasts stunning views with its steep jungle slopes full of lush vegetation highlighting the beauty of Koh Tao.

Due to its sheltered location, visibility here is normally good for the majority of the year round making it a great spot for budding underwater photographers to practice their camera skills.

The exception is during the north east monsoon from late October /early November until early in the New Year when the conditions usually determine that we dive on the west side of Koh Tao.

The coral at Lighthouse Bay are magnificent with some of the best table corals the island has to offer.

The many staghorn corals and big barrel sponges provide the smaller reef fish a habitat in which to thrive.

There are an abundance of Christmas tree worms for divers to be amazed as their colours light up the dive site.

Rainbow coloured parrotfish and tiger striped red breasted wrasse shuttle around on the sand looking for a snack.

The striking Longfin bannerfish swim around in pairs, while the beautifully coloured angel and butterfly fish add to the reef making it seem on a god day as if you are diving inside an aquarium.

Lighthouse has many magnificent anemones that have attached themselves to the rocks. Look closely and you will see cute pink anemone fish living here, hiding from potential predators.

In the shallows it is very common for Yellowtail Barracuda to school swimming slowly in circles around the top of the corals.

If you have time you can swim slightly round the corner, here there are some large boulders that give divers a good place to find blue spotted or Jenkins Whiprays.

Watch out for patrolling Titan Triggerfish they are a fascinating fish to watch as they go about their daily chore and defending their territory, just don’t get to close.


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