Pottery Pinnacle & Three Rocks

A short distance from Mae Haad pier is 'Pottery Pinnacle' and its sister dive site 'Three Rocks'. Both are shallow dive sites suitable for beginners and popular for night dives.

Depth is quite shallow with a maximum of 12meters giving divers the opportunity of nice long dives. 'Three Rocks' site can be seen from the surface, emerging around 2 metres out of the water.

The Pottery Pinnacle formations sit just underneath the water.

Pottery is made up of many small rock formations on which hard corals have grown.

Slightly away from the rocks sits a sunken long tail boat. When having a peak underneath the boat you will be able to see Durban dancing shrimp shuffling around.

Pufferfish use the rocks and corals for cover trying to use their camouflage to blend into the background.

A variety of smaller groupers including hexagon, black tip and blue lined members of that family can be seen here while bottom dwellers such as sling jaw wrasse swim around close to the sand.

During night dives Pottery Pinnacle is a good place to spot reef octopus as they come out from their daytime hides.

Bioluminescence at Pottery is amazing due to the lack of light pollution around the site.


During the twilight hours Blue Spotted Ribbontail rays will emerge and glide effortlessly around looking for food whilst large hermit crabs crawl around the rocks and bottom carrying their home on their back.

Over at 3 Rocks which is a very short swim away from pottery you will be able to find many nudibranches and wart slugs.

The is a small swim through and some lovely table corals which butterfly fish and banner fish like to swim close by to.


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