Tanote Bay

Tanote Bay is a small picturesque bay on the eastern side of Koh Tao. It’s the next bay along from Aow Leuk. This dive site provides a great cross between natural and artificial reefs with lots of marine life.

The bay boasts a lovely, often quiet beach, and a huge rock sitting right in the middle of the bay is a great spot for cliff jumping or spending some time on a day off from scuba diving.

Maximum depth here is 18m when heading to see the sunken catamaran, and with lots of corals right up to the 5m mark, there is penty to see, even when making your safety stop.

One of the main attractions of the site is the catamaran; slightly out from the main site in the sand this wreck has provided a home for many different species of marine life.

Quite often on the underneath of the wreck a big Jenkins whipray will be sleeping. On the main deck giant groupers will likely be taking a rest.

On closer inspection small banded pipefish can be seen slithering around the structure while having a look into the holes will give a chance to spot cleaner shrimp dancing around.

Whip corals emerge around the outside of the boat with spider crabs clinging onto them but be careful not to disturb them.

Once back onto the main site the average depth will be 12m, here you can see a sunken motorbike with its loyal owner being a very aggressive Damsel fish!

Yellow Tail Barracuda cruise around in there hundreds and Titan triggerfish can be seen defending their territory from intruders.

The main reef has many boulder and brain corals with large barrel sponges providing a safe area for the colourful longfin bannerfish and blue ringed angelfish.

Close to the main reef is an artificial reef project underway with reef balls and coral nursery helping Koh Tao's corals to regenerate.

Tanote bay is a great site for all level of divers whether it is training dives or just out for a fun dive. The long boat trip to and from Crystal Dive provides spectacular views of Turtle Island.


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