White Rock

White Rock - "Hin Kaow" in Thai - is a very popular dive site located a short boat journey from the west coast of Koh Tao.

The site combines beautiful coral gardens with 2 large rock formations made up of huge boulders and runs on a north south axis.

"White Rock" is the largest rock on the site rising up to almost 2 metres below the surface and forms the northern rock formation of the dive site. Here the depth ranges are 2m – 16m before you hit sand.

The southern pinnacle lays slightly deeper, starting from around 22 metres and rising up to around 6-7 metres. The sand slopes off to a maximum depth of 26 metres if you are swimming in a westerly direction.

These depth ranges make White Rock suitable for recreational scuba divers of all levels. As it is quite a large dive site it is also perfect for most training dives within the PADI system.

Just as White Rock offers flexibility for PADI training courses, it also offers a huge range of marine life with something to offer everyone.

Turtles are often sighted feeding on the soft corals and the site is well known for Koh Tao’s infamous Titan Triggerfish, one of whom - "Trevor", is engraved in Koh Tao legend.

You will see plenty of Blue Ringed and Six banded Angel fish, Banner fish, Butterfly fish as well as beaked Coralfish and the odd scribbled filefish too.

Banded sea snakes can be seen gyrating across the site chasing prey. Take a closer look at the rock formations and you will see White Eyed Moray Eels hiding in holes.

If you remain still and patient they will come out to have an inquisitive look at you and there are many different sorts of groupers hanging out around the south pinnacle.

White Rock is famous for its night dives. The site attracts many hunters at dusk including the Great Barracuda who come looking for food and will use diver’s torch light to hunt.

Look under rock ledges and you will spot the bright eyes of the Blue spotted stingray and there are also plenty of Cuttlefish and Pufferfish to see at night.

Although White Rock is relatively close to Koh Tao, we also see Whalesharks during season.


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