PADI Equipment Specialist

Course Price:
4,500 THB

Do You Know Your 'O' Ring From Your Elbow?

Gaining the knowledge and skills to understand basic scuba equipment maintenance and repair is important for any scuba diver and absolutely essential for any budding PADI Professional.

Many scuba divers feel that because they are not mechanically minded they will not understand how their equipment works and even more so, how to maintenance and repair their equipment.

Well you don't need to be an engineer to understand how your scuba equipment works. Completing the PADI Equipment Specialist course will increase your knowledge of how scuba equipment works, and give you the skills to perform basic maintenance and repair.

Our PADI Equipment Specialist course package includes:

PADI Equipment Specialist Course

PADI Equipment Specialist Course 'Touch' Manual

PADI Equipment Specialist Certification Card

Discounted Accommodation

Course Price:
4,500 THB

Kelvin Morris
Equipment Specialist

"There are essential items such as BCDs, regulators and cylinders, plus lots of accessories...."
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What Will You Learn?

How scuba diving equipment functions

How to overcome common equipment problems

Equipment configuration suggestions

Basic repair and maintenance procedures

Then You'll Practice....

Disassembling, serving and reassembling first and second stage regulators

Servicing cylinder valves and performing a visual inspection

Servicing BCD LPI's & dump valve mechanisms

Commonly encountered problems with fins, masks, snorkels

New PADI Equipment Specialist 'Touch'

The PADI Equipment Specialist Touch is a fully interactive digital manual designed for both iOS and Android tablets.

It demonstrates how every part of your scuba equipment fits together using great photos, diagrams and explanations in an easy to understand learning format.

Course Schedule

We schedule the PADI Equipment Specialist course over 1 day. We are totally flexible and can plan this around your personal timeframe.

Course Price:
4,500 THB


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