PADI Underwater Navigation

Course Price:
6,500 THB (3 dives)
5,000 THB (2 dives)*

Need some direction in life?

You must have noticed how you’re PADI Instructor or PADI Divemaster finds their way around the dive site and back to the boat after each dive?

You have probably thought how you would like to be the one everyone follows because you know where you are going?

The PADI Underwater Navigator course will teach you how to find you way underwater using your compass, natural navigation and observation skills..

Our PADI Underwater Navigation course package includes:

  • PADI Underwater Navigation course

  • Rental of all scuba equipment

  • FREE Dive Computer Rental (diving with computers >>)

  • PADI manual & Certification card

  • Crystal Dive log book

  • Pick up service from pier

  • Great location on the beach

Course Price:
6,500 THB (3 dives)
5,000 THB (2 dives)*

*If you have already completed the Navigation Adventure dive, as part of the PADI Advanced Open Water course then on Day 1 you will complete Navigation Diver training dive 2 only.

Neil Davidson

"Knowing where you are and where you want to be underwater can be the difference between a poor dive and a great dive. Having problems when navigating underwater is a common problem...." read more >>>

Unerwater Navigation

What Will You Learn?

Estimating distance underwater

Navigation techniques using a compass and natural navigation

Underwater navigation patterns

Dive site relocation

Underwater Map Making

Diver Prerequisites:

If you’re a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver who is at least 10 years old, you can enroll on the PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty course.

Get Credit!

The first dive of this PADI Specialty Diver course may credit as an Adventure Dive toward your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification.

Alternatively if you have completed the PADI Advanced course, or the PADI Underwater Navigator Adventure Dive this will credit as Dive 1 of the Underwater Navigator Diver Specialty.

Course Schedule

We schedule Underwater Navigator course over 1 day. We are flexible and can plan this around your personal timeframe. The standard schedule is to meet in the morning, at 9.00am to complete knowledge development.

Your Instructor will go through the knowledge reviews, and then talk about the specific skills and dives you will be completing that afternoon.

After lunch we will go out on the dive boat to one of the shallow bays where you will complete the two training dives, returning around 5.30pm.

09.00 – 11.00:
Orientation / knowledge development
Practice navigation techniques on land

Underwater Navigator Training dives 1-3*

*If already completed the Underwater Navigator Adventure dive, then the trip will consist of Underwater Navigator training dives 2 & 3 only.

Course Price:
6,500 THB (3 dives)

Already an Advanced Open Water Diver?

Course Price:
5,000 THB (2 dives)

On completion of the course you will be awarded the PADI Underwater Navigator certification. The PADI Underwater Navigator certification can be credited as one of the five PADI Specialties required to attain the highest non professional certification within the PADI system - PADI Master Scuba Diver.


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