PADI Freediving

Be Like A Fish!

Freediving is the most natural and purest form of exploring the ocean using minimal equipment. It is relaxing, liberating and a truly unique activity.

Moving gracefully without wasting energy, freedivers can spend minutes underwater and experience the ocean, just as any other sea mammals does.

However, freediving is not only about enjoying the silence and beauty of the sea, but it's also a unique way of exploring ourselves.

Become A Freediver

Located on the beach, on the west side of beautiful Koh Tao, Thailand, Crystal Freediving is the perfect place for all your freediving needs, whether you are just starting or want to continue your freediving journey.

Here at Crystal we are teaching the full range of PADI’s new freediving courses, providing our students with the best freediving knowledge and experience.

Sergey Busgarin
PADI Freediving Instructor

"Freediving at Crystal Dive. Put a mask on, hold your breath for a while and discover Cousteau’s "Silent World"...." read more >>>

Free Diving

Our philosophy is not just to teach the course, where you will gain the knowledge and skills but also provide you with the confidence necessary to begin a lifetime journey through the amazing world of Freediving.

We provide students with the best freediving equipment on the market, as well as all needed facilities. Crystal is the only PADI Freediving School on the island with a 20 meters swimming pool and our own dedicated freediving boat.

This guarantees you the best and safest freediving experience.

PADI Freediving Courses

PADI Basic Freediver

A great first step for developing solid freediving skills.

Price: 2,000 THB

PADI Freediver

Your first step into freediving!

Price: 6,000 THB

PADI Advanced Freediver

Refine and improve your freediving skills.

Price: 7,000 THB

PADI Master Freediver

Bring your skills to the next level.

Price: 13,500 THB

PADI Freediving Instructor

Why not make your passion your career?

Price: Contact Us

PADI Freediving Instructor (Crossover)

Already a Freediving Instructor? Crossover to PADI

Price: 10,000 THB

PADI Freediving Packages

Freediving 'Combo' (Beginners)

Duration - 3 Days

Includes PADI Freediver, plus additional full day of Freediving training.

Freediving 'Combo' (Advanced)

Duration - 7 Days

Includes PADI Freediver + Advanced, plus 2 full days of Freediving training.

Freediving 'Combo' (Master)

Duration - 16 Days

Includes PADI Freediver + Advanced + Master, plus 7 full days of Freediving training.


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