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16/11/17 - Tips To Improve Your Diving Skills
How to improve and advance your scuba skills.


31/10/17 - What Is Coral?
Plant? Animal? Rock?
22/10/17 - Best Things About Living On Koh Tao
When was the last time you thought "I really love my job"?
09/10/17 - Guide To The Full Moon Party
What is the famous 'Full Moon Party' ?


30/09/17 - Courses To Take After Open Water
Develop your skills further...
14/09/17 - Top Tips For Safe Scuba Diving
How to be a GREAT dive buddy!
07/09/17 - Most Popular Fish Species in Koh Tao
What will you see when diving Koh Tao?


31/08/17 - Divemaster Gap Year On Koh Tao
Escape the 9 to 5 in a Tropical Paradise!
24/08/17 - Best Time To See Whalsharks
When is Whalshark season on Koh Tao?
16/08/17 - Koh Tao Guide for Families
Koh Tao - Perfect Family Holiday Destination


30/07/17 - The Best Time To Dive Around Koh Tao?
Koh Tao's Diving Seasons
15/07/17 - Why Get Your PADI on Turtle Island?
The world's most popular dive location!
07/07/17 - Become A Scuba Diving Professional
Part 2 - Live The Dream - Go Pro!


30/06/17 - Become A Scuba Diving Professional
Part 1 - Tired of the 9 to 5 life? Escape the rat-race!
24/06/17 - Why Get Your PADI at Crystal Dive?
Koh Tao's award winning PADI dive centre!
15/06/17 - Koh Tao Bacpacking Guide
Amazing sunsets, beautiful beaches, scuba diving.
09/06/17 - Eco Friendly Travel, Koh Tao Thailand
Tips for being be a good Eco tourist.


31/05/17 - Plongée Sous-Marine, Koh Tao
Magnifiques sites de plongée.
26/05/17 - Koh Tao's Dive Sites
Deepest? Most caves? Turtles? Whalesharks?
19/05/17 - Green Rock Dive Site
"My Favourite Dive Site"
13/05/17 - Things To Do In Thailand
Top 10 things to do in the 'Land of Smiles'
06/05/17 - What Is The Best Dive Site Around Koh Tao
Sail Rock? Southwest Pinnacle? Chumphon?


29/04/17 - What Is A Cephalopod?
Octopus, squid, cuttlefish.
19/04/17 - Top Things To Do On Koh Tao
Diving, Snorkeling, Beaches, Nightlife
13/04/17 - The World's Biggest Water Fight
Celebrating Buddhist New Year
11/04/17 - Suncream and Scuba Diving
A Koh Tao Necessity!


31/03/17 - Why Dive Thailand?
Wrecks, reefs, caves and pinnacles!
26/03/17 - Top Tips For Scuba Divers
Improve Your Dive Skills
19/03/17 - Koh Tao Marine Life
Interacting with Koh Tao's Marine Life
09/03/17 - Facts About Whale Sharks
Facts about the world's largest fish.
03/03/17 - Crystal Dive - 100% Aware
What does "100% Aware" Mean..??


27/02/17 - Scuba Diving Knots
Essential knots for scuba divers.
23/02/17 - Discovering Scuba Diving
Take your first breaths underwater.
19/02/17 - The Boat Master
An important part of any dive trip.
13/02/17 - Top Reasons To Get Your PADI
Take The Plunge!


29/01/17 - Sail Rock ("Hin Bai")
The Best Dive Site in the Gulf of Thailand
25/01/17 - Be Rescue Ready
The subject is serious, but training is fun!
21/01/17 - Buoyancy Games
Testing your buoyancy control.
16/01/17 - Jellyfish
Cool facts about our jelly friends....
10/01/17 - Night Diving Koh Tao
A Different Look & Feel....
02/01/17 - The Crystal Divemaster Team
A Day In The Life....

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