PADI Tech Diving Courses

Technical Diving courses give you the techniques and procedures required for diving beyond the recreational limits. But remember, technical diving isn't for everyone.

However, if you are drawn to adrenaline pumping challenges and are willing to accept the responsibilities, risks and obligations, you'll find technical diving to be one of the most exhilarating experiences you will ever have in diving!

Depending on your interest in technical diving, Crystal Dive can offer you a range of challenging programs including Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50 with our experienced tech instructional team.

You will train for real-world tech diving using a mix of independent study, classroom discussion, confined and open water training.

Guillermo Sanchez
"Ever thought to yourself 'One tank just isn't enough'? Ever wanted to dive deeper?...."
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NITROX Enriched Air

PADI TEC 40 Course

Price: 16,000 THB

PADI TEC 45 Course

Price: 20,000 THB

PADI TEC 50 Course

Price: 22,500 THB

PADI Sidemount Diver

Price: 12,000 THB


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